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Oracle announced on Wednesday that it’s acquiring SD-WAN technology provider Talari Networks for an undisclosed sum. The transaction is expected to close before the end of this year. - The popularity of cloud-native applications is raising significant security concerns, according to a report from StackRox. "The State of Container Security" found that more than one-third of organizations worry that their container security strategy is inadequate. - CenturyLink CTO Andrew Dugan raked in the most votes to win FierceTelecom's top movers and shakers voters' poll. Dugan, who took over as CenturyLink's CTO on Nov. 7, won with 4,631 votes for a total of 37%. - Kaloom announced today that it has locked up $10 million in a series A1 round of funding to bring its total to $20.7 million. The recent financing was led by the Fonds de solidarité FTQ and Somel Investments with participation from MBUZZ Investments. - Nokia announced today that it has added a range of updates and tweaks to its CloudBand Infrastructure Software (CBIS) platform. Specifically, the updated CBIS makes it easier and faster for service providers to manage and deploy new versions of OpenStack by working directly with the open source community. - Cisco's move to more software and subscription-based revenues is starting to pay off. Cisco released its fiscal first-quarter earnings late Wednesday afternoon, and profits beat analysts' expectations as its revenue increased for the fourth straight quarter. - Virgin Media Business has gotten onto the SD-WAN scoreboard with Wednesday's news that it has launched SD-WAN with Versa Networks as its vendor. Virgin Media Business will be competing against SD-WAN services from Colt Technology Services and BT, among others. - Open source community Acumos AI on Wednesday announced the availability of its first software release, Athena. The Acumos AI Project is under the Linux Foundation's Deep Learning Foundation umbrella, which was designed to spur innovation across artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning across industry verticals. - Colt Technology Services has adjusted its target date for launching intercarrier services to early next year, according to Mirko Voltolini, head of Network On Demand. In this Q&A, Voltolini talks about the new Carrier Ethernet offering for service providers and the importance of the MEF's standardization efforts. - Cisco has bundled some of its security capabilities with its SD-WAN technologies in order to help organizations embrace the cloud. Cisco also announced it has partnered with Microsoft to increase the performance of Office 365 for business end users. - Driven in part by the use of containers, AI and ML, the Linux Foundation announced the formation of the Ceph Foundation for open-source storage. Ceph is being used by cloud providers and enterprises to lower the cost of storing information in private clouds while helping them better organize and access their information. - With more endpoints and a trend toward digital transformation, SD-WAN is not a "one and done" technology, according to AT&T's Josh Goodell. Speaking at last month's MEF18 conference in Los Angeles, Goodell, vice president of edge solutions, said that service providers need to help their customers understand and evolve their use of SD-WAN. - Satellite provider SES Networks is currently evaluating and testing its own SD-WAN service ahead of launching it next year. In an interview with FierceTelecom at last week's MEF18 event in Los Angeles, CEO JP Hemingway said SES Networks has a fully tested SD-WAN offering in its portfolio. - ADCs play a critical role in accelerating application performance in leading communications service provider networks. CSPs spend close to $1 billion per year on ADC appliances, software and services to expedite video delivery, content caching, web services acceleration and improve network security responsiveness, according to Doyle Research. - CommScope has inked a deal to buy telecommunications equipment maker Arris in an all-cash deal valued at $7.4 billion. After years of being the biggest fish in wireless and wireline deals, Arris was gobbled up by CommScope, which is now one of the biggest fish in the telecommunications sea. - Cisco is cutting back its workforce with a new round of layoffs, according to published reports. U.K.-based The Register reported that between 200 and 300 employees on Cisco's Customer Experience team lost their jobs on Monday. - Teridion is rolling out a route optimization and cloud-based SD-WAN service to enterprises to offer them MPLS-like service level agreements. The San Francisco-based company originally built its network overlay for software-as-a-service companies, but the new release brings some of the same performance benefits to enterprises. - LightRiver Software announced Wednesday that former CenturyLink and Level 3 executive Travis Ewert has been hired as its new chief operating officer. Ewert brings years of experience in software-defined networking, intent-based networking, NFV and automation to the LightRiver management team. - At VMworld Europe this morning, VMware added another Kubernetes arrow to its quiver with the news that it is buying startup Heptio. Seattle-based Heptio was founded two years ago by Joe Beda and Craig McLuckie, who co-created Kubernetes in 2014 while they were at Google. - Telefónica Business Solutions is showing off the latest evolution of its virtualized data center at VMworld Europe this week. Telefónica Business Solutions is working with VMware, Intel and Dell EMC on its Virtual Data Center 4.0 beta cloud service. - To close out the year, FierceTelecom is naming its 25 top movers and shakers in the telecom industry. These individuals have played key roles in critical areas such as virtualization, cloud, standards and open-source initiatives. Now, we're holding a round of voting so you can let us know who you think is the top of the list. - The vision of a mass of powerful and centralized computers and communications equipment feeding data to far less powerful endpoints is antiquated. Instead, the time-sensitive video and other applications and the fluidity of where people use them are driving intelligence and computer power to the edge of the network. - LOS ANGELES—The Wild, Wild West days of SD-WAN are over, at least from MEF's perspective, after it announced the first take on standards and certification. AT&T's Chief Product Officer Roman Pacewicz sits on MEF's board of directors and has been knee-deep in SD-WAN since the carrier launched hybrid services two years ago. He spoke with FierceTelecom about how the new service specification will provide a clearer view of the technology. - SD-WAN is still a fairly new platform, so it is not surprising that a survey conducted by Sapio Research found that enterprises have different goals and deployment strategies. The technology has made significant progress but still has a long way to go. - Development and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) must be done in a systematic and unified manner across MSPs' departments and initiatives, according to ABI Research. Using AI solely as a tactical response to problems or to exploit specific opportunities without creating a companywide vision and implementation strategy will limit artificial intelligence's huge potential. -