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Project Manager - Wireless Networks

The Wireless Project Manager oversees and is responsible for all aspects of cells sites in the public right-of-way or on private property. Continuous communication with clients, subcontractors, engineers, third party vendors and Inspectors to ensure that project is within schedule and budget.

Zoning Specialist - Wireless

The Zoning Specialist is responsible for all zoning aspects of cell site development projects within the public right-of-way or on private property, including the following: site identification, zoning analysis, zoning and construction drawing review, zoning staff meetings, application creation/submittal and representation at public hearings. Qualifications should include a minimum of 2-4 years of experience in cell site zoning, knowledge of local market zoning processes, and strong oral, written and interpersonal communication skills. Knowledge of public right-of-way and City of Los Angeles AGF processes is a plus.

Project Manager - Fiber Optic Networks

The Fiber Optic Project Manager oversees and is responsible for all aspect of fiber engineering projects. Continuous communication with clients, general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, third party vendors and Inspectors to ensure that project meets the required deadlines and is within budget.

OSP Engineer Wireless Networks

The Wireless OSP Engineers role is to coordinate with the project managers and utility companies to engineer and design a wireless cell site. They are responsible for the quality of all aspects of the cell site design including equipment specifications, power and telephone point of feed.

OSP Engineer

The OSP Engineers must have outside plant design knowledge and be familiar with the various communications outside plant engineering concepts, such as copper cable, fiber optic cable and coax cable. Understanding infrastructure plans (highway, sewer, bridge, etc.) and survey information for the elimination and prevention of conflicts with existing or proposed underground, site obstacles, and for proper installation location within easements and public right of way is necessary.

Conduit/Layout Engineer

The Conduit/Layout Engineer is qualified to perform research and produce engineering drawings for underground structure/buried cable design of outside plant facilities of all types of projects. Must be able to understand civil engineering standards, requirements, projects proposed by other utilities or government municipalities. Also be able to interpret and prepare legal descriptions/exhibits and traffic control plans.

Research/Field Technician

Research/Field Technicians must be capable of securing the necessary field information, record verification, document preparation and data input from various cities and government agencies. Must have an understanding of outside plant design principles and telephone industry standards.

CAD Drafter

CAD drafters will work closely with engineers and designers to draft base maps, vicinity maps and site elevations using specific requirements from jurisdictions and clients. They may also be required to work with Adobe Photoshop to complete photo simulations

JPA Engineer

The JPA Engineer must be versed in all aspects of the Joint Pole Authorization process and familiar with GO95 and aerial construction guide lines. Must be able to read and interpret Joint Pole Authorizations from member utilities. Prepare cost estimates and work orders for maintenance jobs. OSP construction and or engineering knowledge a plus.

JPA Associate

Joint Pole Associate is responsible for processing all Joint Pole Authorization applications and maintaining the various client pole databases. Will track and research utility contact information. Prepare and track all forms related to preliminary joint pole and pole application processes.

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