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Frontier is continuing to turn itself into a junior version of what Verizon was five years ago: a company reliant on wireline operations. How much improvement can it eke out of synergies and efficiencies in a business that Verizon is unenthusiastic about? - When Verizon’s stock value moves appreciably, it’s typically in response to something happening in the company’s wireless operations. But although Verizon’s wireless operations get most of the attention, wireline remains a significant part of Verizon’s business and deserves a bit of attention with the imminent release of its second-quarter results. - Cisco’s latest report on the state of cybersecurity opens with a lament that would be astonishing if anyone were paying attention. That is, in fact, the lament: The world doesn’t seem to appreciate how bad the cybersecurity threat is getting. - Veracity Industrial Networks said it has delivered on the first phase of its contract with the Department of Energy to provide SDN-based network infrastructure designed to help the U.S. industry, including power utilities, defend against cyberattacks. - The Trump administration had already committed to deregulating the broadband market, and the FCC had already begun working on a plan to do it, but the administration’s intentions on the matter were thrown into doubt two days ago, when Press Secretary Sean Spicer said he did not know what the president’s position on net neutrality was. - Crown Castle’s $7.1 billion purchase of Lightower might not be the culmination of consolidation in the dark fiber/tower business. The second that the Crown Castle/Lightower deal was consummated, analysts were already thinking about who might be next. - As reported yesterday, Adtran and Deutsche Telekom are testing a pair of new technologies designed to improve One doubles the available bandwidth to 212 MHz, the other is a new dynamic time allocation (DTA) scheme called collective DTA, or cDTA. The combination of these technologies appears to solve some drawbacks of the broadband protocol. - Adtran announced record quarterly revenue during its second quarter. Sales were $184.7 million, up from the $162.7 million recorded in the second quarter of 2016. - The reports were right on the money. Crown Castle International has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Lightower—technically LTS Group Holdings LLC—for approximately $7.1 billion in cash. - Telus is the latest carrier to start offering software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) to its enterprise customers. The company is calling its new offering Telus Network as a Service (NaaS). It's the latest notable service provider to rely on Nuage Networks to help provide the service. - SD-WANs are still a new enough phenomenon that even the terminology used to talk about it isn’t fully agreed upon, and that’s before anyone gets to actually connecting networks. MEF is looking to address both issues with its LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) Reference Architecture and Framework (MEF 55). - AT&T announced today it is embracing edge computing. In so doing, it said it is “reinventing the cloud to boost the potential of self-driving cars, augmented and virtual reality, robotic manufacturing, and more.” - After only five months on the job, Gregory McCray is stepping down as chief executive of Access, the Alphabet operation that contains Google Fiber. - The communications industry is certain 5G networks are going to need more backhaul. The question is, how much? CIR says $2 billion a year’s worth within five years, with half the annual total spent in the United States. The optical networking segment will be the main beneficiary, according to a new report from CIR. - The proposed combination of CenturyLink and Level 3 is continuing to gain regulatory approvals while eliciting yawns from the market. - General Cable Corp., a supplier of copper, aluminum and fiber optic wire and cable products for the energy, industrial and communications markets, is considering a future that might include a sale of the company. - IBM says it can make data virtually impregnable to hacking. All it would take would be to process every single bit of data to be protected through an IBM mainframe to get encrypted. - Lightower is evaluating a takeover offer in excess of $7 billion from Crown Castle, according to a report by Reuters that has yet to be commented upon by either company. - AT&T West and the Communications Workers of America (CWA) have reached a tentative labor agreement with the help of a federal mediator. - CenturyLink’s troubles over alleged fraudulent billing practices continue to mount as a growing number of states have filed lawsuits against the telco. - Consolidated Communications' shares may have been under pressure—trading down 19% since closing its FairPoint acquisition—but analysts say the move to offload 3.7 million shares could work in the telco’s favor as it enhances its fiber-centric service focus. - TDS Telecom has begun engineering and design work on a project to expand and improve broadband service for more than 2,000 locations in western Minnesota, leveraging $5.1 million in FCC Alternative Connect America Cost Model program funding. - As the wireline service provider market continues to consolidate down to a smaller group of more powerful players, the question for industry watchers is how many people work for the nation’s top 5 Tier 1 wireline carriers. We take a look at the numbers. - Verizon has completed NG-PON2 interoperability with five vendors for its OpenOMCI (ONT Management and Control Interface) specification, bringing it one step closer toward achieving interoperable PON network systems. - AT&T is being sued for $1 million by the family of a Waco, Texas, technician who was slain while making a service visit at a customer’s home. -